Pets & Cookouts

Planning a barbeque at your house this summer? Having guests over, cooking out, swimming, socializing…all of these things can be tons of fun, but make sure your pet is accounted for during your picnic! There are many foods that are dangerous for pets to eat, and some pets are frightened of being around too many strangers at once. You know your pet better than anyone else, so consider in advance what would be best for your pet…staying with a friend, boarding, or sitting in a quiet part of the house while your guests are over are all good options.

Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is caused by overheating and dehydration, but did you know that it could be fatal? Pets that are left outside in the sun or not given plenty of fresh water to drink are at risk. Signs of heatstroke include shaking, excessive panting, and disorientation. If you think your pet is having heatstroke, it’s important to apply cool towels to your pet’s body to lower their temperature and bring them into Veterinary Emergency Group as quickly as possible.