Wobbles-Veterinary Emergency Group Mascot

Sunday night October 29th 2012, a good samaritan brought in a wet, cold, lost
dog to VEG since we were the only animal hospital open during the storm. She
was evaluated to be dehydrated and was showing neurological signs making us
concerned about the possibility of head trauma. She was admitted to the hospital
and treated appropriately figuring as soon as Hurricane Sandy had past, we
would hear from the concerned parents of this lost dog.
the next few days, we slowly weaned her off treatment however she continued to
have neurological signs. We had not heard from anyone about a lost dog but we
figured since there was no power or gasoline in the area, it could be a few
days for the owners to finally contact us.

of today, Wobbles, as we affectionately call her, is still here and is now our
very loveable hospital mascot! She is a happy and loving dog but still has
neurological signs. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She comforts
owners who have to leave their pets here for hospitalization. She has a way of
bringing smiles to the saddest faces.

The staff has provided her with beds, toys, bowls, food, and treats! One of the
associate veterinarians has spayed her. Clients love her and inquire about her
all the time. We even had a neurologist evaluate her free of charge! However,
his recommendation is an MRI and a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap so that we can
specifically determine the underlying cause of her neurologic problem and
potentially improve her condition. We are planning on scheduling her MRI for
this week and we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Wobbles should be getting her MRI this week! Thanks everyone!!!!

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