Christmas Pet Safety

“My pet would
never eat food off the table!”
“My pet would
never knock over the Christmas tree!”
“My pet would
never bite someone!”
We all know our
pets pretty well, but what we don’t always realize is that stress can make
anybody do crazy things! When you have holiday guests or flashing Christmas lights
or loud holiday music—or all of the above—at your house all at once, your pet
may get stressed and frustrated, causing them to act out in unexpected ways.
Most pet accidents are met with the statement, “He’s never done anything like
that before!”

We recommend
always making sure that your pet has a safe place to sit and relax during your
holidays parties. Just like some people, pets need to get away from the action
and de-stress, but most of the time they don’t know how to ask for their space.
If your pet is comfortable in their crate, we recommend moving it into a quiet
room and letting them spend some time resting during your holiday
get-togethers. Your pet will be happier, and by extension, you and your guests
will be happier! And holiday disasters will be prevented.