Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Pet this Summer

Are you enjoying the nice weather with your pet? How about
taking your pet to catch a movie at your local park, schedule an outside photo
session with your pet and family, or enjoy a day at the dog park? Here are  some fun activities we recommend for you to enjoy with your pet this summer! 

1. Take a hike

If you dig spending time in the woods, bring your puppy with you on your next hike. Your pup will love exploring the trail and checking out the sights and the smells.

2. I’m on a boat

Swimming in the open water isn’t the best idea for a pup, since he may tire easily and the water might be contaminated. But, the two of you can still enjoy the open water on a boat ride. Check with local companies to find one that allows dogs on board, and pack a bag for the day. With a little preparation, a boating adventure can be as fun for your puppy as it is for you!

3. Let’s go ride a bike

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to stick their heads out the window? It’s not necessarily because they love the breeze. Dogs experience the world through smell, and zooming past so many different smells can be like ecstasy for your puppy. A bike ride is a little bit slower than a car trip, but your puppy can experience a world of smells on the bike all the same!

4. A camping trip

As with a hiking trip with a puppy, you’ll want to start out slowly with your doggy camping trips, and not involve too much walking. You’ll also want to get a checkup from your vet beforehand, since your pup needs to be fully vaccinated, particularly against Lyme disease. Make sure the campground allows dogs, since not all of them do. Pack plenty of food and water, and supervise your puppy closely at all times.

5. Hit the dog park

Not only is the dog park a fun place for your puppy to burn off energy, it can help to socialize him. Your puppy needs all of his vaccinations before he can safely visit the dog park, so wait for your vet’s OK before taking him there (usually at 4 months of age).
What fun activities do you enjoy with your pet? Don’t forget to share your summer fun photos with us!