Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween! As you make the final preparations for the big day, The Veterinary Emergency Group in White Plains, NY wants to make sure your pet is safe. Halloween should be a fun holiday, but for pets, it might NOT be so fun if you’re not educated about the potential dangers. Consider the following five Halloween pet safety tips so your cat or dog can enjoy this holiday, and remember, should an emergency occur with your pet, we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

 Halloween Pet Tips in White Plains, NY

  1. Keep Your Pet in Sight

Since Halloween is unfortunately the time of year when many pets go missing, it’s important to always know your pet’s whereabouts, both inside and outside. During trick-or-treat hours, keep your pet in an area where they can’t go running out through the front door as it opens for your guests. Limit your pet’s time outdoors to only a few minutes at a time at night, since there might be more people than usual walking around the neighborhood at this time of year. If you have an outdoor pet, keep them inside until a few days after Halloween for their safety.


  1. Don’t Give Your Pet Candy

 Although we know those big begging eyes might be hard to resist, avoid giving your pet candy this Halloween. Chocolate contains an ingredient that’s toxic to dogs and cats, and dark/Baker’s chocolate is even more toxic. Candy and gum made with xylitol is also poisonous. These sweet foods can leave your pet with pancreatitis or something worse, possibly landing them at The Veterinary Emergency Group for emergency treatment. Keep all the sweet treats out of your pet’s reach, and consider buying some new dog or cat treats instead to keep your companion occupied.


  1. Choose a Comfortable Pet Costume

 We know there are hundreds to choose from, but when making a decision on which costume to choose for your pet, consider the following: Avoid costumes that contain pieces that can be easily chewed off, become tangled, or caught on something. Choose a costume that’s comfortable for your pet, one that isn’t too tight or too big. Also make sure no parts can obstruct your pet’s breathing or sight. Have your pet practice wearing the costume in short time increments to get them used to it, but if your furry friend still refuses to wear it without throwing a fit, don’t force them. Carefully remove the costume and hope for better luck next year.


  1. Provide Sufficient Pet Identification

Whether in the form of an ID tag/collar or microchip—or both—it’s important to make sure that your pet has sufficient identification, in case they become separated from you this Halloween. Ask your local family veterinarian if they offer microchipping to provide your pet with a permanent form of identification and increase the chances of a happy reunion.


  1. Use Caution When Decorating

 Candles, lit jack-o-lanterns and several other Halloween decorations can cause hazards for your pet if you’re not careful. Use caution when selecting which decorations to use and where in your home to place them. Some pets—especially cats—have been known to bump lit candles and jack-o-lanterns and cause a serious fire hazard.


If your pet is need of emergency care this Halloween or any other time of year, remember that we’re available 24/7 to help. To learn more about these Halloween pet safety tips or to speak with a veterinary emergency doctor at The Veterinary Emergency Group, give us a call at (914) 949-8779.